Whatever It Takes!

Whatever It Takes

This photo was taken at a meeting that began Rick Warren’s “Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan”.  They look more than a little bit like a cult, don’t they, in their matching t-shirts and waving their signs?  I really think this photo is disturbing on so many levels.

“WHATEVER” it takes, Rick?  Really?  Do you honestly mean anything?!  What about compromise?  Or sin?  Or fellowshipping with darkness?  Or deception?  Or lying?  Or murder?  Whatever it takes?  Hmm.  That’s really kind of a scary statement when taken at face value, isn’t it?

Having worked in Christian counseling ministries throughout the years, I’ve seen a large number of Christians who gave into outright sin in their lives because of a determination to do “whatever it takes” to accomplish something outwardly positive in their life … everything from 1) saving a faltering marriage, 2) to finding a husband, 3) to bringing people to church.

For example, (1) the woman trying to save her marriage aborted her first child to appease her unbelieving husband’s demands.  (2) Many young women, in trying to please potential future husbands, give into the pressure to participate in sexual sin.  (3) I’ve also known people who have told outright lies to their unbelieving friends and family in order to “trick” them into coming to church.

Abortion.  Fornication.  Lying.  All done for the sake of “whatever it takes.”

These people’s goals (marriage, evangelism, etc.) were all good things in and of themselves, but then became the seedbed for evil as soon as someone was willing to do WHATEVER it takes.  The end doesn’t justify the means if those means end up being full of compromise, heresy, or sin.

“I’m willing to do every biblical and righteous thing I can to make such-and-such succeed” is a much safer way of expressing what I hope Rick Warren meant in his slogan.  But due to it’s open-ended wording, it unfortunately opens the door to all sorts of possible compromises, sins or even heresies.

UPDATE:  Someone told me that the shirt wearers in the photo are the church choir (which explains the matching outfits) .   Whew!  But still … what’s up with those signs?  Rick Warren’s Global P.E.A.C.E. Plan slogan (“Whatever It Takes!”) is still freaky to me … no matter who’s holding the signs or what they’re wearing.

~ by thegreatapostasy on May 15, 2007.

One Response to “Whatever It Takes!”

  1. Yes, whatever it takes.

    Like calling the Mormons and Jews denominations, teaching them to grow their “churches” and insinuating that any criticism is arguing the non-essentials. Christ alone is hardly a non-essential, and how does one say so without denying Christ?

    Like telling people that congregational, presbyterian, and episcopal church government models are not biblical but offshoots of American democracy. See Synagogue 3000 videos to hear it from Warren’s own mouth.

    Compromise, sin , fellowship with darkness, deception, lying? Done, done, done and done.

    It is apparent in the fruit that the slogan is meant exactly as it is stated.

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