Free ebook: “In the Name of Purpose”

In the Name of Purpose: Sacrificing Truth on the Altar of Unity

A brief excerpt from the beginning of this eye-opening, free ebook:

“Today, a tidal wave is sweeping through Christianity leaving spiritual destruction in its wake as it overtakes sleeping churches (not to mention seminaries, organizations, music and publishing industries, etcetera). This tidal wave has been triggered by a massive shift in the foundations of today’s Christianity. As was the case in Asia, a deficient warning system is contributing to the destruction.

“This “paradigm shift”—a new way of thinking about God and the world—is a massive shift in thinking from God’s absolute truth to man’s relativism. The destructive tidal wave that is following this shift is sweeping people away from the faith and into the New Spirituality that transcends religious barriers.

“Yet in the midst of all this, only a relatively few number of people in the Church have been diligently trying to warn the Body of Christ, and local churches continue to transform into the image of the world. Claiming that warnings and exhortations are too “negative” and “judgmental,” local churches often choose to malign and marginalize those attempting to warn them, and the warnings go unheeded.

A sign of the times, purpose-driven churches and pastors have referred to believers trying to warn them in such terms as “malcontents,” “heresy hunters,” “elitists,” “fruit inspectors,” “the vocal minority,” “the opponents,” and “blessed subtractions.” The latter term refers to those who bless these purpose-driven churches by leaving them, so the churches can go with the flow without fear of scriptural admonishments and warnings.”

–from In the Name of Purpose (click here to read the entire book online)

in name of purpose

~ by thegreatapostasy on May 15, 2007.

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