“Wake Up!”

coffee  I’ve found myself praying a lot lately for the sleeping church to “Wake Up!”

I speak as someone who was previously sleeping (well, maybe not completely asleep … but I was severely distracted by some serious life issues for several years). Without meaning to, I think I lost touch with and/or ignored many developing trends in the Church at large.

One day — not that long ago — I had a definite feeling like I’d woken up from a spiritual “nap” … and while I’d been napping, the Church had changed. When I’d gone to sleep, it was still a good thing to be a Bible believing Christian who believed that Jesus was THE way, THE truth, and THE life.

But when I woke up, I suddenly found myself marginalized, called a “Fundie” (and worse), and just generally feeling out of step and at odds with the whole Purpose-Driven / Emerging / Contemplative / Inclusive “movement” that had completely immersed the evangelical Church and filled it with compromise.

My faith, which had previously been pretty representative of the norm in the Christian circles I travel in, suddenly — and I mean SUDDENLY! — was considered outdated and even “dangerous.”

All that to say, I’ve been praying often that others out there like myself will wake up in time to shake off the effects of sleep and prepare themselves, their families, and their church communities for what may be just around the corner.

~ by thegreatapostasy on May 25, 2007.

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