Beware of wolves among the sheep …

“As believers, ask the Holy Spirit for guidance to discern those teachers who are preaching the whole Counsel of God and to be able to immediately identify those who are wolves. Begin by immersing yourself in the Word of God. There are many spiritual wolves stalking sheep today and that is why Ephesians 6 tells us to be sober and vigilant.”

–excerpted from “Hear the Hiss: Alan Jones Interviews Brian McLaren”

UPDATE:  The single most popular post on this blog is this one you’re reading right now.  Yep.  The wolf in sheep’s clothing attracts the most traffic.  Evidently when people go online and search for “wolf” or “wolves”, this blog entry comes up pretty high in the search engines.  So most of the “wolf” visitors aren’t really looking for things about Christian apostasy or heresy … they evidently just want to see some cool pictures of wolves.   😉

I have another wolf-related post (with pictures) for all of you out there doing wolf searches:


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