Search terms

I just thought this was sort of interesting trivia.  The following are search terms used in the past week that helped people arrive at this blog:

  • wolves
  • Benny Hinn
  • Matrix blue pill red pill
  • angry wolf
  • mesmerism Benny Hinn
  • yoga and Christian church
  • will you be numbered among the sheep
  • Bullhorn Guy
  • emerging church
  • apostasy
  • willow creek pulpits
  • comparison of Bible scripture
  • deer killers
  • ridiculous clothing  (Always a sign of apostasy, don’t you think?  LOL!)
  • mad puppy  (Down, doggy!)
  • the great apostasy
  • smokey mountain
  • most influential church
  • Kay Arthur precept studies
  • definition of church
  • Biblical definition for yoga
  • can yoga be christian
  • jesus sheeps
  • emergent churches definition
  • beware of wolves among the sheep
  • puppy background  (Puppies again?!  Do I even have the word “puppy” anywhere on this site?  Wolf puppy, maybe?)
  • spiritual wolves
  • livestock
  • wolf hunting picture
  • angry mad people
  • the world is without excuse
  • marshmallows
  • wings of the night
  • Brahman
  • wolf soul
  • benny hinn hypnosis technique
  • 2 wolves and a sheep
  • willow creek + deception
  • John MacArthur Benny Hinn
  • blue pills with ‘m’ on it  (Sounds like an M&M to me!)
  • truly saved
  • The Message Bible apostasy
  • praying in bed
  • top 50 pastors
  • scary

The most common were searches about wolves, sheep, the Matrix pills, Benny Hinn, mesmerism, Willow Creek, emerging church, and yoga.   I didn’t list all the ones related to each of these popular searches since there were so many.

~ by thegreatapostasy on August 19, 2007.

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