Marriage is a Picture of Christ and the Church

If you somehow missed the story, you can read about it at this link:  Randy and Paula White to Divorce

I don’t follow the ministries of many Christian “celebrities” so I’m not well informed about what the White’s teach, etc., although I’ve gathered it’s some sort of prosperity message (which would be a whole ‘nother posting all together).  😉

Anyway, my gut reaction to the announcement that their marriage is ending is this: Why are they continuing to live their lives in a manner that obviously led to their marital breakup?

From some of what I’ve read the past few days, it sounds like they don’t hate each and their split is actually fairly friendly. They just seem to think their “ministries” are more important than their marriage.

Keep the ministries going but chuck the marriage? Wow. I think they should take their marital problems as a sign that their ministries and other commitments are somehow out-of-whack.

My personal perspective is that as married Christians, our first ministry is to our families. If we’re not meeting the needs of our spouse and children, what do we think we have to offer the world and the Church at large?

Marriage is supposed to be a picture of Christ and the Church.

Should the Church say to her bridegroom, Jesus, “I’m sorry … my ministry takes priority over my relationship with You. I still care deeply about You, but I have other priorities and our relationship just sort of gets in the way.”

But wait …

Now that I think about it, isn’t that a pretty good description of what’s happening in the Church today?

People are so concerned with building ministries and growing churches, that they’ve left off preaching the unadulterated Word of God in the name of “purpose” and “effectiveness” and numerical growth (and at the expense of Truth and Christian maturity and discipleship).

~ by thegreatapostasy on August 30, 2007.

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