Just Call Me “Ed”

You know you’ve been blogging too much lately when you start having blog-related dreams at night. I dreamt the other night that I was sitting at my computer reading someone’s blog. They were talking about some sort of apostasy-related topic and then referenced “Brandon at Peculiar Pilgrim” and “Mike at Possessing the Treasure” and “Ed at The Great Apostasy.”

Ed????  LOL!

Just so you know, my name isn’t Ed. Not even close.

But you want to know something funny and sort of ironic? When I was a child and went away to camp one summer, the other kids started calling me “Eddie”. Yep, Eddie. There was this one particular camp song that I really liked and would sing as I went about my day riding horses, swimming, doing archery, making braided plastic crafts, catching lizards, etc. The song was about a boy named Eddie who fell into a well. (Uh, oh … the tune just started up again in my head … I don’t want to walk around today singing a song I knew from horse camp 35 years ago! lol)

For reasons that will remain nobody’s business but my own, I’ve chosen to be anonymous on this blog. And will continue to do so.

But I’ll be honest with you, it gets more than a little weird when I’m posting a comment on someone else’s blog and I sign off as “The Great Apostasy” or people refer to me as “The Great Apostasy.” It makes me feel like I’ve decided to become the personal embodiment of heresy. 😉

So from now on if you see me around in someone’s comment section, feel free to just call me “Ed.” 😎

~ by thegreatapostasy on September 9, 2007.

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