“Wishbone” Faith

As you probably remember, the one with the largest portion of the bone, after the big break, won the contest. The competition was often pretty intense because each child wanted the honor of the big wish.

I thought about this age-old childish game at the close of our Thanksgiving day. I mused that it is very similar to the faith pull game in our Christian life. (I know … faith is not a game — but we often make it one.)

Here’s what I mean: Our faith is often considered more valid if we are successful in demonstrating that we have the larger portion. We tend to judge our faith, and that of others, by whether we hold a large or small portion of the bone. This thinking has created the Wishbone Faith Theology that permeates the Christian church.

–from the article, Wishbone Faith, by Roland Scroggins

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~ by thegreatapostasy on December 7, 2007.

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