Benny Hinn: Master of Mesmerism?

Honestly, I hardly ever think about Benny Hinn or any of the numerous people who frequent the TBN airwaves (been there, done that … won’t be going there again in this lifetime!).

But I thought this idea was interesting … could this be why Benny Hinn is able to manipulate an entire crowd into falling, convulsing, etc.?  Is he really just practicing a modern “faith” version of mesmerism?


And by doing a brief online search just now, I found this article, Brief History of Hypnosis & Its Colorful Characters!, written by a practicing hypnotist.  In the article, he claims that Benny Hinn (and other televangelists and faith healers) are actually just master hypnotists.


 It’s all rather interesting, me thinks, that a professional hypnotist recognizes his own techniques in the techniques of Benny Hinn.  Hm.

 I guess it takes one to know one.

~ by thegreatapostasy on June 29, 2008.

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