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UPDATE:  Believe it or not, I now have a full Christian bookstore online, complete with a secure shopping cart and seperate categories.  It’s run in conjunction with Amazon.

The offerings on the new bookstore site are fairly limited at this point … but they’ve been hand-selected so you shouldn’t find too much apostasy running around there (although some of the automatic recommendations that might show up in the sidebar from Amazon aren’t necessarily items I would’ve personally recommended).  As with all things, use your own discernment.

Most books are sold at a discount (sometimes as much as 70% off the cover price) … plus, you’ll qualify for free shipping with a total purchase of over $25.  That can make shopping here even less expensive than ordering through your local bookstore.  🙂

To visit my brand new bookstore, go to:  Believers’ Books, Bibles, Music, Movies and More 

To order any of the following titles, simply click on the image of each book’s cover.  You’ll be taken directly to a page at where you can order the books and read reviews from actual readers. Also, if you place a large enough order, you may even qualify for free shipping which can sometimes make it less expensive to order books from Amazon than through your local bookstore.  😎

The Truth War: Fighting for Certainty in an Age of Deception, by John MacArthur”Right now, Truth is under attack, and much is at stake. Christians are caught in the crossfire of alternative Christian histories, emerging faulty texts, and a cultural push to eliminate absolute Truth altogether. As a result, many churches and Christians have been deceived. Worse still, they propagate the deception that poses itself as Truth! In The Truth War, John MacArthur reclaims the unwavering certainty of God’s Truth and anchors Christians in the eternal, immovable promises that are found in His Word.”

Essential Truths of the Christian Faith, by R.C. Sproul”With the layperson in mind, Dr. Sproul offers a basic understanding of the Christian faith that is interesting, informative, and easy to read. Here are brief explanations of biblical concepts every Christian should know in language everyone can understand. Highlighted with homespun analogies, more than 100 doctrines are categorized under major headings for easy reference. Contains chapter summaries, reading suggestions, diagrams, and more.”

Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace? Rediscovering the Doctrines that Shook the World, by James Montgomery Boice”We don’t like to admit it, but anyone who honestly evaluates the church’s life and outlook will understand that these are not good days for evangelicalism. We’ve achieved success, but in a worldly sort of way — big numbers, big budgets, and big outreaches. Yet church attendance is actually down and alleged ‘born again’ believers do not differ significantly in their worldview from their neighbors. Why? We have forgotten our theology and, consciously or not, have pursued the wisdom of the world, accepted its ‘doctrines,’ and utilized its methods. Pastor James Montgomery Boice believed that our ignorance of God and neglect of the gospel of grace is the root of the problem. Here he identifies what’s happening within the church and explains how the five doctrinal truths that transformed the world during the Reformation not only offer the solution but can shape a renewal today.”

How to Study Your Bible: The Lasting Rewards of the Inductive Method, by Kay Arthur”In 15 easy-to-understand chapters, bestselling author Kay Arthur and founder of Precept Ministries International presents a systematic approach that includes key words, context studies, comparisons and contrasts, topical studies, word meanings, and more. Interacting with God’s Word helps readers absorb more of its messages and gives God greater access to engrave His truth on their hearts and minds.”

The New Inductive Study Bible, published by Precept Ministries International”Readers will discover simple but powerful tools for discovering what the Bible says, what it means, and how to live its truths. Features include: updated NASB text in a compact, convenient size; an inductive study method explanation; instructions for marking text; overviews of each book; insights on accurately interpreting biblical truth; full-color charts and maps; wide margins for note-taking.”

Vine’s Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, by W.E. Vine”Dig into the meanings of the words used by the original Bible authors-quickly and easily. This affordable edition of a classic study resource helps those with limited or no background in Hebrew or Greek to study the meaning of biblical words in the original languages.  Vine’s Expository Dictionary includes thousands of biblical words in one English A to Z listing for each Testament. Each entry covers how the word is used, its key occurrences in the Bile, its English transliteration, and definitions of its various uses in the Old or New Testament. A great resource for students, pastors, teachers, and anyone who enjoys biblical word studies.”

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